Tear Drop – a new drop-by-drop dispensing system on a tube

Mikhail Dudoladov 0

In line with the trend to liquid formulas, Albéa has developed the TearDrop™ tube as an alternative to traditional glass droppers: a resistant, on-the-go, lightweight, premium drop-by-drop dispensing system on a tube. TearDrop™ is an innovative dispenser for water- or oil-based liquid formulas such as serums, beauty oils and liquid foundations.

TearDrop™ is perfect for direct or non-direct application thanks to its smooth nozzle tip. The glass-looking material selected for the nozzle and the cap is non-breakable. It allows a controlled dispensing of liquid formulas and a new, easier and intuitive application gesture, making it particularly well-suited for the skincare, haircare and make-up markets.

This all-in-one packaging (tube + dropper) is fully designed and assembled in Europe for optimal supply chain flow. It is available with plastic or Purefoil™ tubes, for 15ml to 50ml (Ø25mm). It is fully customizable with decoration techniques such as offset, silk screen, hot stamping and mass coloration.