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Albéa’s Lipstick & Co teams offer our customers technical expertise, industrial know-how and creativity to develop and make all their lipsticks, lip balms and facial sticks.

Our product range includes efficient mechanisms and exceptional packaging for every formula: guided and non-guided mechanisms, plastic mechanisms, pen-sticks, solutions for new routines or sophisticated formulas, and innovative stock or custom packs,

Our expertise centers in France, North America, Brazil, China and Indonesia can support your global & local launches and ensure your developments are rapid and reliable. Our sites can deliver both the growing sophistication of your prestige lipsticks and the infinite customization of your masstige packs through their integrated capacities in terms of packs, mechanisms, assembly, decoration and surface treatment, not to mention metal shaping and mold production.

Albéa Lipstick & Co helps you fulfill all your ambitions.

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