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So’ Lotion

So’ Lotion provides solutions for your skin’s daily routine atmospheric and airless systems, single pumps or complete packs

  • for all viscosities and formulas,
  • for all dosages, neck sizes, collars, caps and actuators designs including samplers and mini products for retail
  • from skin care to sun care and hair care

Our centers of expertise in Europe are dedicated to lotion engines, custom collar/cap systems and airless solutions, while our finishing, assembly and decoration facilities across the world serve our customers close to their markets.

We offer turnkey solutions to all our global, regional and local customers for both standard and specific designs.

Our dedicated teams of technical experts, engineers, sales & customer service in every region provide a unique support to product development, formula protection and differentiation. Driven by our “customer first” vision, we make agility and time-to-market our priority.

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